• My skin feels healthy, soft and clean. Long-term deep-seated
    acne has been banished (thank you). Its amazing! YES! It definitely delivered.
    I was sceptical t first, such a seemingly oily product on spotty skin. But I am
    happy to eat my words! Excellent results speak for themselves.

  • It's how I envisage a traditional bar of soap to smell and
    it's gorgeous. It leaves the skin with a subtle fragrance afterwards which
    quickly disappears. The lather is very silky and creamy rather than bubbly which
    works with the water and hands very quickly. It feels very kind and nourishing
    to the skin whilst washing. The soap is obviously good quality as it lasts for
    weeks without disintegrating

  • What I like about this soap is that it cleanse skin well but
    it does not leave it dry afterwards. The soap bar held its shape for long which
    is great. This soap is really good, not only does it cleanse your skin but
    also exfoliate and moisturise it

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Did You Know

5% of every sale will be donated to Friends of the Earth Charitable Trust via Work for Good.

Friends of the Earth

is dedicated to protecting the natural world and the wellbeing of everyone in it. They do an astonishing work to save the bees and climate change.